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"After Going to 3 different Gold Buyers in the area the best price I received was $1,700 for my Gold Jewelry. I was in shock when I was offered $2,150 at Amento's. I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Janice M. - North Haven

"I brought in all my old jewelry that I no longer wear just to clear some space in my jewelry box. After looking through and testing all of my jewelry He asked me how much I thought it was worth. I thought it was worth a couple hundred dollars. He looked at me and smiled and said he would pay me $3,200! I still can't believe how much money I got and how honest the owner is. I will definitely be back."
Sharon M. - North Haven
"I heard from a friend that Amento's buys Broken Phones. I had cracked my last phone and already bought a new one so I brought my Cracked phone to Amento's. I can't Believe I got $150 for a Cracked Phone that was just sitting in my drawer. Thanks Paul!"
Michael H. - East Haven

"I had gotten a very low offer for my PlayStation 3 at the Video Game Store on Universal Drive. So I decided to try out Amento's Gold Buyers & Second Hand Store. He paid me almost double what they offered for my PlayStation 3 and even offered more for the Games and other accessories I had too. I will never sell or trade in my stuff to the Video Game Stores again."
Anthony B. - Wallingford